To become a pro in Wing Chun, practice is essential and by practice, i mean a lot of practice. To get enough Wing Chun practice, a wing Chun training dummy will come in handy. Wing Chun just in case you are wondering is a traditional Chinese Martial art technique which utilizes striking and grappling for self-defense especially in close range combat. There is an old Chinese saying that states that “I do not fear a man who practices ten thousand techniques once but one who practices one technique ten thousand times” this depicts the apparent nature of martial arts. In order to become a pro in martial arts, it is better to choose one technique and master it completely. If you have selected Wing Chun then to get enough practice, a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy will enhance your training.

All Wing Chun instructors clearly emphasize this need of a lot of practice to their students as it helps the students develop the required reflexes necessary in self-defense. These trainers are also aware that relying on only a set of repeated movements is not sufficient to give you the ability to defend yourself, and that is why they insist that their students need a dummy. To enhance optimal timing, accuracy, balance then they have to integrate your training with lessons of a wooden model.

Why Wing Chun dummy is necessary

A wooden dummy gives you the best shot at actually developing all the attributes to grasp the principles of this art : balance, timing , mobility , accuracy flow , speed , positioning and power .These are just but a few benefits you can reap from training using the wooden dummy as there are numerous other abilities and skills that you will also gain. According to William Cheung perhaps the most critical of them all is toughness. He explains that since Wing Chun utilizes the forearm and palms to block kicks just to name an example, it is therefore necessary to have tough training equipment.

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